Riverside Training


HAIRDRESSING APPRENTICESHIPS AT TOP TRAINING ACADEMY IN HEREFORDSHIREAt 3 Counties Hair Academy in Hereford, we work closely with Riverside Training to ensure your stylists, barbers and apprentices receive the highest quality of training possible. 

Riverside Training work hand-in-hand with our hair academy, learners and salons to provide support, training and access to funding for their City and Guilds Hairdressing Courses.  They are an established, proven, training provider with a wealth of industry knowledge and experience since 1996.

Learners are given a robust induction, detailed training and a programme delivery plan combined with regular assessments, reviews, mentoring and guidance throughout the duration of learning.  Apprentices will each be allocated a Work-Based Tutor to keep them focused as they work towards their qualification.


Safeguarding Our Students

Riverside Training also conduct a health and safety assessment with all new employers.  They have multiple policies and procedures in place, and all staff are trained to recognise and support our learners in the workplace and to follow the internal safeguarding policy which is reviewed on an annual basis. Riverside Training has two designated Safeguarding Officers who you can contact if you ever have any concerns.

Mental Health & Wellbeing

The mental health and wellbeing of our students is of vital importance. 3 Counties and Riverside Training have partnered with Bee Inspired to give our learners access to weekly support sessions throughout the duration of their courses.  Bee Inspired are there to support, help and education people to move away from mental pain and towards spiritual growth and wellbeing.  Please click here to view the full list of policies at Riverside Training.